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Residential Work Showcase

  • Automated Home

    This home features the newest in integration technology, and automation programming.

    Designed for a homeowner who does not have enough time in their day, this house takes care of many functions automatically to save time, money, and worry ...

  • Videophile Home

    Designed for the enjoyment of movies, TV, and sports, this system focuses on video display.

    A large centralized equipment center removes the clutter of electronics from 9 individually served rooms. Standardized control makes them all operate in the same way, with identical remote controls ...

  • High-Tech Family Home

    Features to increase comfort, security, and convenience.

    Designed and built for a high tech family on the go. The powerful automation package in this home takes control of many of the homes essential functions and ties them together as one intelligent system...

  • Entertaining Home

    Centered around family entertainment and outdoor music.

    The family room features a flush mounted 65” plasma TV integrated with everything a family could want. This system flows from streaming Hi-Def movies, to wii gaming, to karaoke with the touch of a button...