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Multi Room Audio

Music Everywhere!

Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your music wherever you go in your home? With the amazing variety of music available to today’s listener, there is no reason you should suffer in silence! We engineer systems from simple backyard music systems to 36+zone music masterpieces. Imagine being able to access your CD’s, portable music player, satellite music, and internet based music anywhere in the house with the tough of a button. Have different music playing in different places, change volume separately in each zone, or link everything together for the big party. It’s all easily under your control from wall mounted touch screens, hand held portable touch screens, remote controls, or right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Your music system can be integrated into the rest of your house to provide recorded messages or sounds such as doorbell chimes to let you know you have a visitor, or alert you when you leave the garage door open.  When you are all done for the evening, turn it all off with a single button.