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Lighting Control

The ultimate in convenience.

Never leave the garage light on again! Lighting control is one of the most convenient features you can put in a home, and can save you money on your electric bill.  It is even possible to install these systems into existing homes without major rewiring! Now even existing homes can benefit from the amazing power of a lighting control system. Small applications can automatically dim the lights in your theater  to the perfect viewing level when you press play, or light your landscape lights at the right time of the evening all year long. Larger installations have limitless potential. Create lighting scenes for different moods or times, light a path to the children’s rooms when the baby cries, turn on every light inside and outside the house when something goes bump in the night, or randomize your lights when you are on vacation so no one knows your gone. Our installations can turn lights on or off automatically when someone enters or leaves the room. You can even wake up to your bedroom lights slowly ramping up over a 10 min period. Lighting control is completely customizable so your imagination is the limit. Of course the most convenient feature of all is the “all off button”. Never leave a light on again.