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Automation and Control

Where it all comes together.

The modern home is packed full of electronic systems – shouldn’t they be linked together? When a home automation system is implemented you truly create a product which is greater than the sum of its parts. Convenience and ease of use merge to create features you may have never thought of. Replace your clutter of remote controls with one which not only turns the TV on, but also controls the lights, climate, security cameras, whole-house music and more. And all with a simple user interface which is easy to master. Imagine one button by your bedside to turn off all the lights, turn off the music, arm the alarm, and lower the thermostat. Not only can your whole house go into sleep mode with the touch of a button, but we can program any combination of events you wish. How about “Party mode”? “Romance mode”?  Or how about a “vacation mode” where the alarm is automatically set, the heat and AC are disabled, the doors are locked, and the lights are randomized in the evening to look like someone is home. What if when you arrived home, your house automatically welcomed you by opening the gate and garage door, turning on a pathway of lights into the living room, raising the temperature in the room, turning on the TV to your favorite evening programming, and lighting the fireplace? Let us harness your landscape lights, fountains, fireplaces, pool covers and controls, window shades, gates, garage doors…. The power and convenience continue to expand with every new system connected. If you can dream it, we can do it. With home automation the only limit is imagination.