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Advanced Telephone and Intercom

Power and simplicity.

Whether you are conversing with someone in the next room, or on the next continent, communication is essential in any home. While we are delighted to bring our clients traditional telephone systems that are clean, functional, reliable, and easy to expand, today’s larger estates demand a more sophisticated system. That is why we have become experts in the design and implementation of advanced digital telephone systems. These multi-line systems include all the features demanding users expect, and can be customized to the specific needs of the client. Whether it’s a hybrid system, digital telephone system or IP phone system, we have the experience in both installation and programming which will bring you an intuitive solution to your communication needs. You can chose from a variety of handset colors and types including cordless “cellular” systems. This type of deployment includes multiple cellular stations concealed in strategic locations around the property. This proven technology will allow you to use any cordless handset anywhere you desire, and walk freely though the home without losing the call. From simple to complex, we can handle it all.