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Residential Services

We provide a variety of services to homeowners and builders which enhance the livability of the home. Whether you are improving one room in your existing home, or are designing a large estate, we can incorporate technologies into you project which will make life easier and increase the value of your property.

We work in conjunction with your architect and/or designers to create embedded systems which are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing or nearly invisible. Next, our engineers will design a system which not only functions reliably, but is simple and even enjoyable to operate. Our installation team will ensure that the physical aspect of the job meets exacting standards of neatness and durability. Finally, our programmers will fine-tune your home systems for peak performance, and usability.

Even single-room projects can benefit from our years of experience, and knowledgeable staff. The expandable nature of our control systems allow you to do as much or as little as you want now, and add on later.

Let us show you some of the ways we can make your home a more enjoyable, functional, and comfortable place to live.

  • Home Cinema

    From 20" to 200", we do it all!

    Whether it’s a simple living room system, or a dedicated private screening theater, the TV is more than just entertainment ...

  • Multi Room Audio

    Your music... everywhere!

    Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your music wherever you go in your home? With the amazing variety of music available to today’s listener ...

  • Automation and Control

    Where it all comes together.

    The modern home is packed full of electronic systems – shouldn’t they be linked together? When a home automation system is implemented ...

  • Networking

    Fast. Reliable. Secure.

    High speed networking is essential in today’s home. Everything from game systems to picture frames needs a connection these days ...

  • Camera Systems

    See anything, any time, from anywhere.

    Camera systems are one of the most popular features of our systems. From day to night, near and far, obvious or completely hidden ...

  • Lighting Control

    The ultimate in convenience.

    Never leave the garage light on again! Lighting control is one of the most convenient features you can put in a home ...

  • Access Control

    Peace of mind for the whole family.

    Security is a concern now more than ever. We can make your home safer, more secure, and provide piece of mind for you and your family ...

  • Structured Wiring Control

    Flexibility for the future.

    For over 30 years, Western A/V has been providing wiring services for new and old homes. We work with builders of spec homes, custom homes ...

  • Advanced Telephone and Intercom

    Power and Simplicity.

    Whether you are conversing with someone in the next room, or on the next continent, communication is essential in any home ...

  • Climate Control

    Comfort and Convenience.

    With advances in home technology the lines between construction trades have become increasingly blurry. Just as we work hand-in-hand with electrical contractors to create comprehensive lighting control ...

  • Energy management and Monitoring

    Green systems.

    The green revolution is bristling with new technologies! Home automation and control are no exception. Residential and commercial buildings ...

  • Rental Services

    Western Audio / Video products, on demand!

    Renting is a fantastic way to enjoy the occasional benefits of a specialized A/V system without the cost of owning seldom-used gear ...