Keep Ahead of the Wave

Wireless connectivity has progressively become the Achilles heel of any residential network. We’ve built hundreds in the last few years, we’re uniquely aware of the pain progress has caused. Nearly every consumer electronic device now comes prepared to join your home network.  To keep our clients ahead of the curve, we’re planning wireless systems that exceed the needs of these new devices and prepare for the demands of the next 5-10 years.

Keep Ahead of the Wave

How We Do It

For homes larger than 2,000 sq. ft. or families that use their wireless network heavily, consumer grade wireless access points just won’t cut it.  Adequate coverage with multiple access points creates it’s own problems, compounded by mobility as we move around our homes.   The personal wireless devices that we rely on are ‘Sticky’ by nature and hold onto the wireless network (or access point) that they’re on, rather than jumping to the best available signal.  This poor hand off means that even with strong signal everywhere, users will often experience low connection speeds and intermittent connectivity.  Western audio/video has perfected the residential network. Our network packages allow for seamless roaming and jaw dropping speeds. Ruckus Wireless

Your New Mobile Device Loves Us

Currently, poor wireless network configurations at home often mean missed text messages, emails, updates etc.  Within the next ten months, Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile will be rolling out VoLTE calling over your network.  For everyone with rock solid wireless configurations this will mean a major increase in coverage, reliability, and speed.  However, poor wireless network configurations at home will soon mean dropped calls, spotty reception and degraded call quality. Apple Iphone 6 Connectivity

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