WesternAV: Now a Distributor for BOSE Professional!

As technology advances, WesternAV works to provide both our Commercial and Residential customers with the best equipment in the industry. We have recently become Bose Professional distributors, this Bose division works to provide the best audio for commercial  settings. From amps, mixers, processors and loudspekers, Bose provides the most reliable equipment for all. Create an atmosphere with crystal clear sound and equipment that is efficient in many settings. Contact Western audio/video for more information about our product line or if you are interested in Bose for your Business.


Visit BOSE Professional: http://worldwide.bose.com/pro/en_us/web/home/page.html

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January 10-12, 2014 Santa Clara Home & Garden Show!

home and garden show-JAN

Western audio/video will be returning to the Santa Clara Home & Garden Show this weekend (January 10-12, 2014). Stop by our booth and talk to one of our experts about home or corporate automation. Check out some automation possibilities, learn about Control4, CCTV Display, remote viewing and much more. We hope to see you all there!

Santa Clara Home & Garden Show

Friday 12pm – 6:00pm

Saturday 10am-6:00pm

Sunday 10am- 5:00pm 

*Free Admissions and Free Parking*

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Sonos: Changing the way we Listen!

Thinking of an affordable and reliable audio system for your home? Maybe something you can stream your iTunes playlist, Pandora or Spotify from? Look no further, Sonos HiFi Speakers are the perfect audio system for any home. With an easy installation, these speakers can connect via Ethernet and can access your music accounts. Add a speaker to each room in your home and let your family listen to their favorite stations.

Learn more about Sonos, visit their website at: www.sonos.com

WesternAV is a Sonos  authorized dealer, our technicians can easily integrate these speakers to your home or Control4 System. Give us a call and talk to one of our experts, let us help you get the Sonos experience into your home.


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5 Holiday Gift Ideas For the Whole Family!


Thinking of getting something that would make life simpler for yourself and your family? Give them an Audio-Video gift from Western Audio/Video! add smart technology to your home; everyone will love the simplicity of automation. Here are some ideas that Western Audio-Video offers:

1. Control4 Whole Home Automation System: Go all out and at create a smart home atmosphere. Create a light scenery to give your home a holiday feel or save energy and schedule your home to turn off lights in your home. This usually involves a more detailed idea of what you would like programmed in your system. But the family will love how easily they can connect their mobile devices to control the home.

2. Audio/Video Upgrade: Need to upgrade the old TV or old speakers, no problem! We can upgrade and create an aesthetically pleasing installation. Do you need a surround sound experience? we can help you with that too. Forget the cables, our technicians will work to bring in cabling to minimize the clutter of wires.

3. Control4 Wireless Music Bridge: Want to add a music device to your existing Control4 system that lets you play music using your mobile device? You might be looking for the Control4 Music bridge, this smart device lets you stream Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn Radio and iTunes Music using Apple Airplay straight to your audio system.

4. Sonos: We know many of our customers love Sonos! from their speakers to their subwoofer, these HiFi wireless speakers are wonderful. Don’t deal with the set up, let us help you, we are Sonos dealers and can set up the system to configure with any Control4 System or home audio zones.

5. Roku or Apple TV Installation: Don’t leave the kids behind, add a Roku or Apple TV to access Hulu, Netflix, Angry Birds and many more apps, stream fun movies for the whole family to enjoy. We work to help you get his set up to your TV and control system.

Get ahead of the holidays and get your family a great audio-video gift. Let us help you with a smooth integration process. Our staff of professional technicians work to integrate all systems to suit your needs. Give us a call or send us a request via our website.

Happy Holidays!

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Panasonic Exits Plasma TV Manufacturing

Panasonic Plasma TV, www.panasonic.com

Panasonic Plasma TV, www.panasonic.com

With numerous competitors and a constant stain to keep prices pleasing for consumers. Many electronic manufacturing companies are moving away from TV manufacturing (to add one more to the list), this week Panasonic announced its exits from Plasma manufacturing.

Although many electronic integrators saw this coming, Panasonic will now be directing its attention towards commercial electronics. In its statements about its exit, Panasonic said it had not seen any growth in the consumer market, leaving the list of upscale TV’s as early as 2014. An examples of its re-direction was in 2011 when Panasonic unveiled their Toughpad line of professional tables. The Toughpad is currently the worlds thinnest and lightest 20 inch tablet.

What does this mean to Electronic Integrators? Although this announcement was not surprising, it further shows that the “Consumer Market” is more price conscience and is not very concerned with quality. WesternAV is a Panasonic dealer and uses many of their products in commercial settings. Our most popular product is Panasonic’s Commercial telephones. With their focus in Commercial products we are eager to see what new products they will unveil in 2014.

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Home & Garden Show- Santa Clara Convention Center

Home & Garden Show- Santa Clara

Home & Garden Show- Santa Clara, CA

Right off the SF Chefs 2013 boat, we are hoping on to another event this September. Western Audio/Video will have a booth at the Home & Garden Show on September 13-15. Stop by and talk to one of our representatives about any Audio-Video possibilities for your home or business. We will also have packaged deals, demo’s and much more.  Stop by and learn more about automation!

Home & Garden Show- FREE Admission- FREE Parking

Santa Clara Convention Center -September 13, 14, 15


Friday 12pm-6pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-5pm

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Should I keep VGA in my A/V System?

VGA Cables

VGA Cables

This question comes up in many of our Audio-Video Installation. It is a good questions to ask because many of us grew up using VGA (Video Graphic Array) but unfortunately its phasing out quicker than we expected.

According to many A/V sources, the well used VGA was built to be used with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Now, compared with current resolutions we; the current users, have extended the limit to 1600 x 1200 resolution and more. This is mostly due to the new devices that require a higher resolution. In terms of size, the well used VGA is just not what current users can use to plug into their lightweight ipads, android tables or slim laptops. Kramer Connect Magazine’s article “Riding off the Analog Sunset” reports that Intel and AMD announced last year that it would start to phase out VGA in their motherboards. Many suspect that VGA would be completely gone by 2015, yes, you read this right, it would be completely gone in two-years. Users need to start letting go and look into the digital interface options.

With VGA gone, will this affect the user? None at all. It will be a relief for both customer and A/V integrator. Not only will we obtain more space (& no more screw-in locks) but HDMI & Display-port bring into the game: faster, slimmer and better resolution digital interface. Although adapters are available for VGA, a full jump over is recommended, it will later save you time and money if the VGA is not  compatible with newer devices.

HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable

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New Control4 Music Bridge!

With these lovely summer days ahead of us. We can’t get enough of playing our favorite radio stations, favorite artist and listening to the baseball game. Streaming all of this music has become a daily route for some of us and there are so many services that let you listen in.

To make our lives easier Control4′s Music Bridge has put all of our needs in one package. This device allows you to control your streaming content with your iphone, tablet or Control4 touchscreen. The music then plays through your home’s audio system. An effortless way to control you music content from anywhere in your home. Play Jazz in the master bedroom and a top-hits radio station by the pool, all controlled by your smart devices. Give us a call for more information or a free quote!

Control4 Music Bridge Screen

Control4 Music Bridge Screen

Control4 Music Bridge-Courtesy of Control4.com

Control4 Music Bridge-Courtesy of Control4.com

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Think Panelized Lighting

Give your home or business an elegant lighting solutions with Control4′s New Panelized Lighting. Reduce the number of wall switches and integrated a system that is discreet yet sophisticated. Control your lights with the new line of customizable keypads or control your lights with your mobile devices and tablets.

Customize the keypads to turn on certain lights in your house when you come home or make sure your business has dimmed lights during the evening. All of these solutions and more can be programmed with Control4′s Panelized Lighting solution. This new line of Control4 is made for all types of lifestyles and surroundings. Their purpose is to help customers lives be simple and elegant.

To talk to an expert, please give us a call at our office, one of our staff would be glad to talk to you about how to integrate this to your home or business.

Control4: New Keypad Design

Control4: New Keypad Design


Control4: Panelized Lighting

Control4: Panelized Lighting

Want to read more about the New Panelized Lighting, please check out some of the links below:




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SnapAV-WattBox Power Supply

We had the honor to have a Snap AV representative come to our office last week to give us more details about the Watt Box Power Supply.  WattBox can be considered a smart power supply, in that it is both power and IP connected. Each port can be  activated and monitored for better power efficiency and reliability. With a remote command we can now power down your system and correctly activate each device.

WesternAV has started the installation of the Wattbox to reduce unneeded service calls and to remotely service your system. We believe this device will also help out when our customers are away on vacation, we won’t need to access the home.

SnapAV Representative

SnapAV Representative



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